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All of our Martian Car Wash locations were colonized to make getting your car washed as convenient as possible.

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Merle's Awesome Reward Stickers

Merle loves his Earthling fans and wants to reward them for their loyalty by giving them all a little something extra! All you have to do is have one of Merle's Awesome Reward Stickers on your car when you stop by to get a wash. Every car with a Merle sticker will win!

Simple, right? We can't wait to see you!

Vacuums are always free!

Don’t forget about our free vacuums! *

* Excludes Mid Rivers Location

Cleanliness is Not Science Fiction


One of my favorite things at this location is the soap.  The soap this auto wash uses smells fantastic!  I literally wanted to eat my car while I sat...
-Earthling, Harvester (Ellisville Location)
Pretty good car wash. A friend of mine gave me a code to get a free wash and it was really great. They scrubbed the parts of my car...
-Earthling, St. Louis (Ellisville Location)
This place is AWESOME! I have never been anything less than ecstatic about the quality of service. As far as the review previously on here, there are holes in...
-Earthling, St. Louis (Ellisville Location)
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